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Foot care

If your feet always hurt, don't grin and bear it too long. Untreated, your foot pain's underlying causes will get worse and your discomfort will increase. James C. Loomis, DPM has diagnosed and treated foot problems for over 25 years. He can help you too.


When you exhaust DIY strategies like exercise, your family doctor may refer you.

Dr. Loomis will correct your foot problem, or at least help you cope with it better.

If you're a good candidate for reconstructive foot surgery, he'll perform it himself.

Corrective Foot Surgeries

Comprehensive foot diagnostics and procedures

You're on your feet every day. That's why your foot problems always seem to get worse until you visit Dr. Loomis. He'll offer great options to cure your aching feet.

No long waits.


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  • Microsurgical procedures

  • Reconstructive foot surgery

  • Mending muscle tears and broken bones

  • Diagnosis and treatments for sports injuries

Ignoring your foot pain risks making it worse